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Cellular or Long Range Radio Customers, take action.


ICI customers that use Long Range Radio/Cellular uplink radios for primary for backup alarm transmission, please be aware that this service is being phased out. On June 15, 2007, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) formally denied the alarm industry’s latest attempt to extend the Advanced Mobile Phone System (AMPS) sunset deadline to 2010. The move by the FCC means the deadline of Feb. 18, 2008, will stand.


What does this mean to you? If you use this service, you need to replace your current radio uplink module with a new digital GSM radio. We have these radios available and we would be glad to make this change for you at any time, please call our office to schedule an upgrade.


IP Telephone Service Customers - Test Your Alarm Communications.


Most alarm systems are designed to transmit alarm signals as a series of beeps and tones over analog phone lines. To take advantage of available cost savings, many customers are switching to VoIP services. Because VoIP systems utilize digital communications, sometimes the signals are not always translated correctly. This can result in an alarm signal not being received or properly recognized by central monitoring station.


All customers should test your alarm systems regularly, regardless of the type of phone service that you have but especially for VoIP customers. You should have received instructions and manuals for your system upon installation. We will be happy to assist any of our customers if you needed, please call our office if you would like assistance with testing your system. Basic instructions to test your alarmCall Security Central and put your system on test, trigger alarm/s, call back to Security Central and verify that they received the proper signals. They should be able to tell you which alarm sensors you triggered. (Security Central’s # 800-286-5699). It is critical that you call Security Central prior to tested so that you don’t accidentally create a false alarm and dispatch the Police or Fire Departments. Future Newsflashes will have important information about false alarm reduction.


What are your options if your does not transmit properly? The two primary options are to keep your alarm system on  traditional analog telephone service or to use a GSM radio uplink to transmit signals. Some panels also support multiple alarm transmission protocols and those may be tested if your system stops operating. Please call for assistance if your alarm is not transmitting properly or if you would like us to come out and test this for you.




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