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Our seasonably warm weather reminds me of one caution- the electric bill. If you work at home chances are you seeing an ever-escalating electric bill from keeping your equipment up and you cooled down. Not only do PCs, printers and monitors use electricity, they give off heat, which in makes you want to turn down the thermostat. If you have multiple computers and don’t practice good energy management, you’ll see electric bills that resemble mortgage payments. Here are some tips for starting an effective energy management plan:

First, on the equipment side: ditch your old gear. Newer PCs have energy saving devices, and Windows 98 and Windows 2000 have features that will save energy. If a flat panel display is an option go with and ditch your heavy weight CRT screen. Flat screen models use about 1/3 of the electrical power of a conventional monitor and don’t add any heat.

Also. Check the air conditioning vents and insulation around your computer room. Shield your windows when the sun passes by. We have our home automation system close the blinds at certain times of the day. It not only helps the electric bill but it keeps the furniture and carpet from getting bleached by the sun.

Don’t let high utility bills get you hot and bothered. Use some ingenuity and technology to help keep you and your home or office, cool.


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